Powerful. Simple. Transformative.

Mapp Digital

(formerly BlueHornet)


Rapid product innovation lowered costs by 58% and increased growth


Kickdrum transformed Mapp’s business infrastructure by innovating the product offering and improving market positioning which resulted in lower operating costs, creating a more active sales pipeline, and ultimately increasing overall value for Mapp customers.


Mapp Digital was formed in 2016 from the merger of BlueHornet and Teradata’s digital marketing business. Mapp serves more than 3,000 customers and is one of the largest independent digital marketing technology companies in the world.


Increased scalability & reduced costs with the cloud

Kickdrum migrated Mapp’s infrastructure of specialized, high-volume systems and enormous databases from an on-premise data center to the AWS Cloud. Tight deadlines were met where misses had financial impact and the result was a more scalable and elastic infrastructure that has reduced operating cost by more than 50%, saving Mapp millions of dollars a year and bringing additional value to their customers. Even on peak times like Black Friday or Cyber Monday the infrastructure is now able to process digital messages (like emails or mobile push messages) faster than ever before.


Powerfully simple segmentation

Together with Mapp we developed a groundbreaking, blazing segmentation platform with a visual segment-definition tool designed for marketers, allowing them to define highly targeted customer segments without the need to learn SQL, Boolean logic, or other complex programming.  The platform provides instant feedback about segment population and growth.  This new capability leapfrogged competitors, having a direct impact on sales and giving customers an unrivaled ease-of-use for doing complex segmentations faster and more targeted than before.


Exciting Innovations

Kickdrum translated marketers’ feedback into highly desired platform updates and then amplified the value by delivering an innovative user experience that better matched a digital marketers mental models and workflows. The result was renewed excitement and improved customer retention among Mapp’s existing customer base.


Kickdrum’s team is world class - they delivered on several large and complex challenges that helped transform the value of our business and the excitement of our customers.”

Mike Biwer, Mapp CEO