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Digital Clinical Assessments

Decreased time to chart patients
Increased quality of care
Increased nursing satisfaction


Mobile Meds Administration

Increased quality of care
Decreased redundant data entry
Decreased time to chart meds admin


Web Services Platform APIs

Decreased time to market for apps
Increased data correctness
Decreased developer setup time

ED Tablet Dashboards

Decreased ER wait times
Decreased problem resolution time
Increased accountability


High Availability Infrastructure

Increased reliability and uptime
Increased security of HIPPAA data
Increased performance.


Patient/Provider Portal Backend

Increased quality of care
Improved patient engagement
Increased patient satisfaction


Retail Site Conversion

Increased flow visits
Increased completed searches
Increased session-to-lead conversion

Product Data Management

Decreased product data errors
Decreased procurement costs
Increased product richness


Retail Web Platform APIs

Decreased time to market for apps
Decreased partner setup time
Decreased duplicate maint. costs

In-Dealership Tablet App

Increased dealer satisfaction
Increased sales effectiveness
Increased on-lot inventory searches



Encryption for secure storage/transit
Modern anti-cheating techniques

User Experience

Refinements that perform significantly better in usability testing


Performance and Reliability

Multi-zone improved disaster recovery
Scale up during peak exam demand Scale down to save cost


Faster to enhance/cheaper to maintain
Shared assets across platforms

Private Equity

Process/Team Maturity Assessment

Identify and target growth constraints
Evaluate security, reliability, cost
Actionable plans for faster, cheaper

Patent Process Automation

Decreased time to initial filing
Increased productivity from legal team
Increased accountability to inventors


DevOps & Dev Process

Increased weekly team productivity
Decreased total cost of app dev
Decreased contractor setup time

Invoice Automation

Eliminated incoming paperwork
Increased visibility into payables
Increased accountability from vendors