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We are a bunch of geeks who love to solve tough problems that others would cringe to go anywhere near. Technology is just a tool for us. What brings us closer is our deep belief in collaboration, quality and continuous learning. We try to keep things simple and transparent. We care less about titles, team hierarchy and even where someone works out of. We hold a high technical bar for our new hires but equally care about the culture and compatibility.

Software Engineering Positions

Open Positions:
Full-time, Frontend / Backend Software Engineering (Software Engineers, Senior Software Engineers, Technical Leads, Architects, Principal/Staff/Senior Engineers)

Work Location: Bengaluru, India

Reporting to: Director of Engineering

Years of Experience: 4+ years (SE/SSE), 6+ years (PE/Architects)


  • Imagine programmers evangelizing to the Fortune 500 execs. That's us.
  • We are thought leaders who like to get our hands dirty. We turn complex challenges into software products that transform the trajectory of the business.
  • We are an Amazon Web Services consulting partner and Atlassian Solution partner.
  • We are looking for top notch engineers and technical leaders who specialize in building enterprise grade software products, cloud architectures, user experience driven product development and hybrid global delivery teams.
  • Our India team has recently started in Bengaluru. Join our India team to discover what it's like to be part of our global team of software experts!

You will be...

  • Tackling the hardest problems and building software that delivers game changing business value
  • Working on cloud based architectures that are highly scalable, available and performant
  • Creating software products with the best user experience in the industry
  • Delivering minimum viable products in weeks, not months
  • Building and leading our tech team in India

You are one among us if...

  • You are excited to work with top notch engineers and leaders with decades of experience in building great software
  • You love to learn and get your hands dirty with new technologies and architectures
  • You are excited to go after the most complex technical challenges thrown at you
  • You enjoy building software that delivers business value continuously
  • You bring energy and excitement in the team, foster collaboration, promote open exchange of ideas


We are technology agnostic in our approach. Having said that, here are the technologies we are currently working with:

  • Backend: Java, C++, Python
  • Frontend: MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js)
  • Database: Relational (SQL) and Non-relational (NoSQL) DBs
  • Data Science: R
  • DevOps: AWS, Atlassian


Here are a few more things we offer:

  1. Flexible leave policy - You don't have to look at your Leave balance when planning that road-trip or attending a PTM
  2. Flexible work hours and telecommuting - No prior approvals needed. Just keep your immediate team and customers informed
  3. Sponsored professional certifications for job relevant skills (e.g., AWS Certification)
  4. Medical insurance - You and your family get Rs.5,00,000 insurance coverage for Hospitalization. Kickdrum pays the policy premium
  5. Free food in our cafeteria
  6. Bring your own laptop - Use your personal laptop for work. We pay you a monthly rent of Rs.2500. Your laptop must comply with our "fit for use" criteria
  7. Own your office laptop - If you decide to use the company provided laptop instead, after 2 years of continuous service, the company laptop is yours
  8. Bring your own ideas - If you have a cool idea for a product that Kickdrum decides to invest in, you will get a stake in it
  9. Awards and celebrations - Kickdrum drummer of the month, Spot awards, peer recognition, monthly team celebrations are part of our culture
  10. A free cab ride for those emergencies - If you end up staying late at the office or have to leave your vehicle at the body shop and come to the office, we pay for your cab ride against bills

How to Apply

If we got your juices flowing, send your resume to
While you are at it, tell us why you are excited to join us.