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We are a bunch of geeks who love to solve tough problems that others would cringe to go anywhere near. Technology is just a tool for us. What brings us closer is our deep belief in collaboration, quality and continuous learning. We try to keep things simple and transparent. We care less about titles, team hierarchy and even where someone works out of. We hold a high technical bar for our new hires but equally care about the culture and compatibility.

Software Engineering Positions


Technical Architects

Work Location: Bengaluru, India

Reporting to: Director of Engineering

Years of Experience: 10+

You like to roll up your sleeves to solve problems of any size and domain. You are passionate to deliver game-changing value. You love to mentor and coach super smart engineers.

As a Senior Architect at Kickdrum, you will be an engineering leader with deep technical expertise working at the core of everything we build. You bring at least a decade of experience architecting and delivering high availability enterprise-grade systems. You are a master of cloud architecture using AWS to power great user experiences for the web, mobile, and desktop.

You will work closely with our founders to design and deliver game-changing value to our customers and users. You will lead an exceptional team of smart and driven engineers as their coach and guru.

You’d make a great Senior Architect at Kickdrum if you are:

  • Ready to roll up your sleeves to solve problems of any size and domain. (Please note: We don't want you coding regularly, but we want you capable of coding if/when needed on something new or complex).

  • Passionate about applying a design-driven approach to the problem-solving.

  • An advocate of delivering game-changing value to our customers and users.

  • Experienced in building enterprise-grade software products for business problems of any size.

  • Extremely passionate about code reviews, engineering best practices and mentoring/coaching the engineers to make them successful.

  • Love being in charge of designing and architecting original and innovative multi-layered, complex, highly scalable and resilient systems.

  • Experienced in effectively managing remote/hybrid teams.

  • Obsessed with customer focus and a complete sense of ownership and accountability.

  • A cloud expert with a mastery of AWS.


Software and Principal Engineers (fullstack, frontend, backend)

Work Location: Bengaluru, India

Reporting to: Director of Engineering

Years of Experience: 4-10 years

You will be...

  • Tackling the hardest problems, applying design-driven development

  • Building software that delivers game-changing business value

  • Working on cloud-based architectures that are highly scalable, available, and performant

  • Creating software products with industry leading user experiences

  • Delivering minimum viable products in weeks, not months

  • Learning from and working with software industry veterans

You are one among us if...

  • You are excited to work with top-notch engineers and leaders with decades of experience in building great software

  • You love to learn and get your hands dirty with new technologies and architectures

  • You are excited to go after the most complex technical challenges thrown at you

  • You enjoy building software that delivers business value continuously

  • You bring energy and excitement in the team, foster collaboration, promote an open exchange of ideas

You will work on...

We are technology agnostic in our approach. Having said that, here are the technologies we are currently working with:

  • Backend: Java, .Net

  • Frontend: Angular, REACT, Node.js

  • Database: Relational (SQL) and Non-relational (NoSQL) DBs

  • DevOps: AWS, Atlassian

  • Mobile dev: iOS and Android app development using native and hybrid frameworks



  • Flexible leave policy - You don't have to look at your Leave balance when planning that road-trip or attending a PTM

  • Flexible work hours and telecommuting - No prior approvals needed. Just keep your immediate team and customers informed

  • Sponsored professional certifications for job-relevant skills (e.g., AWS Certification)

  • Medical insurance - You and your family get Rs.5,00,000 insurance coverage for Hospitalization. Kickdrum pays the policy premium

  • Free food, cab rides, and gym allowance

  • Bring your own ideas - If you have a cool idea for a product that Kickdrum decides to invest in, you will get a stake in it

  • Awards and celebrations - Kickdrum drummer of the month, Spot awards, peer recognition, monthly team celebrations are part of our culture


About Us

Kickdrum combines senior-level corporate strategy with innovative design-driven engineering to create software that transforms businesses. Here are a few business problems we have solved recently:

  1. A mid-tier digital marketing company was struggling with an aging product line that was behind the competition. Following a UX design-driven approach, we built a cloud-based personalization engine that harnessed the power of data to provide descriptive and prescriptive insights for their customers. Using real time data analytics, data science and machine learning algorithms, the company now has state of the art campaign management capabilities.

  2. A healthcare company had to scale to handle 5X cases (roughly 6M patient cases) within a few months. We redesigned their legacy single server architecture to a cloud-based multi-tenant serverless architecture while also modernizing the UI/UX for several applications. This was that typical use case and an opportunity to revamp the huge monolith system to a microservices based architecture.

  3. A healthcare staffing company had to rapidly scale up their operations to drive growth and capture new markets.  We built a serverless engine using AWS lambda that helped them automatically fill staffing requirements in seconds versus several hours.

  4. Private Equity firms need to perform due diligence on target acquisitions. This includes a full review of the technology products, people and processes. We developed a proprietary model to assist with the technical and product assessments and have conducted over 20+ projects in the last year.


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