Uptime Cloud Monitor

(formerly CopperEgg)


50% decrease in AWS costs

We slashed Uptime Cloud Monitor’s AWS bill to increase profitability without impacting customers, availability or growth.


Lower Cost, Same Great Service

We used our AWS expertise to reduce Uptime Cloud Monitor’s infrastructure footprint, simplify deployment and optimize spend without any impact to quality or customer service.


Identifying Unprofitable Customers

Our analysis identified customers that were using too much and paying too little so Uptime Cloud Monitor could recalibrate for profitability.


Deep Expertise In Cost Optimization

We unlocked more impactful cost optimizations than traditional best practices could provide.  We picked better instance types, matched reservations to workloads, reduced costly intra-regional data transfer and even re-coded parts of the app to be more cost-aware.



“Kickdrum did what other teams couldn’t - their depth in AWS helped us optimize Uptime Cloud Monitor for profitability.”

Chris Smith, Uptime Cloud Monitor COO