25% increase in overall user satisfaction

We helped ExamSoft level up on usability, security, maintainability and scalability so they could grow even faster in the high stakes exam business.


Upgrading UX and Security

Our refined user interface gave ExamSoft a more modern look that performed significantly better in usability tests.  We improved their encryption and security processes to keep pace with modern security challenges.


Elastic Cloud Solutions

We architected a better auto-scaling, multi-zone approach to improve ExamSoft’s disaster recovery story and ability to scale up to respond to peak demand during exam weeks, then scale back down to save cost.


Combined Platform

We made ExamSoft’s platform faster to enhance and cheaper to maintain by combining Windows and Mac codebases into shared assets.


“Kickdrum has been a trusted partner for years.  Their expertise in our product makes them an invaluable resource.”

Sebastian Vos, ExamSoft CEO