Dealership Sales App


>50% of dealerships became paid subscribers in the first 12 months


We revolutionized the on-lot experience at automotive dealerships, helping sales consultants delight their customers.


True Mobility

We put real-time inventory data and rich sales collateral out on the lot, instead of in a book or on a desk inside the dealership.  We unchained sales associates from stationary kiosks/computers and made everything work seamlessly offline.


Right Content, Right Place, Right Time

Our app helped build associate confidence with immediate access to specs, prices, incentives and feature videos. It even unlocked off-site sales opportunities and unique upsell opportunities.


Easy To Rollout and Use

We architected a simple provisioning, sign-up and update process that made it fast and painless for dealerships to adopt the system and keep the data fresh each day.


“Dealers were clamoring for this innovative approach to sales.”